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55b0887... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-07-12

LP: #1771885 - Replicate DNS search paths per-interface in v1 preseed YAML

2581bde... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-07-12

LP: #1779712 - Add the ability to select which port maas-proxy binds against.

7f7bcb0... by Blake Rouse on 2018-07-12

Add ability for multiple maas_url to be defined in rackd.conf.

This enables a list of URLs to be defined in the rackd.conf. This doesn't break compatibility because it also allows the old way of defining the maas_url. The rack controller will parallel request endpoint data from multiple URLs for determining the RPC connection endpoints.

edcfe64... by Newell Jensen on 2018-07-12

Add default macvlan mode to pod model.

ffa5085... by Newell Jensen on 2018-07-11

Update attach_interface method in virsh pod driver to deal with macvlan, bridge, and explicit network interface attachments. This will allow VMs to be composed with these different interface types.

a5209d5... by Lee Trager on 2018-07-10

Make sure bond options are loaded.

2e3f1523 modified the UI to only load items from the GeneralManager when
needed. The node_details_networking controller is loaded only when on the
interfaces page. This is after the GeneralManager in the parent scope has
been loaded. Because the GeneralManager didn't know bond_options are needed
they were never loaded. Now make sure they are loaded before finish loading
the controller.

0257d24... by Kit Randel on 2018-07-10

Revert "Split up node detail partial into thin directives."

This reverts commit 3cd26cbfe704c8ea570a73c008d110147b3265f3.

7311430... by Kit Randel on 2018-07-10

Add babel-polyfill to support ES2105+ built-ins.

3cd26cb... by Kit Randel on 2018-07-10

Split up node detail partial into thin directives.

686d025... by Lee Trager on 2018-07-10

Reset status_expires when MAAS receives cmd-install early/late from Curtin

When Curtin sends MAAS cmd-install/stage-early or cmd-install/stage-late
start or finish messages reset status_expires. This allows users to add
early/late commands which take up to 40 minutes to run.