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6ea58d7... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-04-11

LP: #1753493 - Make region IP addresses consistent for HA.

Backports: 5000bb58ea91af41b2465dc3d17aa2388a5edbaa

f745516... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-04-06

Open 2.3.3; Update changelog to reflect release

e93e044... by Lee Trager on 2018-04-05

Backport: 89f12d9 LP: #1738127 Add favicon to the UI

c948da2... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-04-04

Backport c70ed068a and 84a9fd27e

LP: #1750622 - Add ability to force the BIOS boot method, and auto discover it during enlistment/commissioning

7b7104a... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-04-04

Fix random failures in test_stats.py.

007a4fe... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-04-04

Backport d2f6dd9cff9072c27549fd9aff6e82994a5f0ebe from master

Calculate the total amount of machine resources.-

7eb70a8... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-04-03

LP: #1704501 - Allow users to change which Fabric a VLAN is on.

Backports: 4083dc0635958109a28ef44a84df63e855007335

06b71f4... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-04-03

LP #1755587 - Allow moving a subnet to a different fabric in the UI.

Backports: 544aaae99fdb5954762980c2d93f5ae5b12d0b8a

13492bb... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-03-31

debian/changelog: Update to correctly create dailybuilds

b20091f... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-03-30

Backport 3798b945473eb94410a937139a1a09a67f840572 from master

LP: #1756127 - Handle upper-case on api_url regex on enlistment preseed