Last commit made on 2019-04-10
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4374ca8... by Mike Pontillo on 2019-04-10

LP: #1788780 - Ignore tunnel interfaces (such as those created by hypervisors) when gathering interfaces for MAAS management.

Backport of 842646142d42d95453f4b64c209f93b09f8aea7c

9649f97... by Newell Jensen on 2018-12-05

Backport of d7581c456287e5dc5149a77d96b7943a926a1aa6

LP: #1799161 -- Do not allow partition formatting if current filesystem is a non-formatted type.

efc4f28... by Alberto Donato <email address hidden> on 2018-10-16

rework the snap to use the local/ dir

484c29b... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-09-28

debian/changelog: Update to match release

fdc97c6... by Blake Rouse on 2018-09-19

Backport of 05c17ea3132e89d70dbaea759aa90ef9287d5098.

Fixes LP: #1792401 - Fix partition number onvirtual block devices to not expect a bios_grub partition on top of GPT.

4c53373... by Blake Rouse on 2018-09-19

Backport of 248aa74a7d93f39b2fb174f01ccc832f1f048d05.

Fixes LP: #1779980 - Subtract superblock size overhead for RAID in size calculation.

974c471... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-09-10

LP: #1789932 - Force restart of MAAS proxy instead of reload when writing config.

Note: this commit is not a backport. This issue does not occur on MAAS 2.4+ (on Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic" or newer, presumably).

360f229... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-09-06

Backport 71bbe68 - LP: #1768870 - Generate random MAC for virsh instead of allowing virsh to generate them.

fef5b08... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-08-30

Backport 80dcada - LP: #1789721 - Workaround for StopIteration seen via get_source_address().

This works around a bug in netaddr that causes StopIteration to be raised when a /128 IPv6 network is passed in.

f466fdb... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-08-17

Backport 3d9ace9 - LP: #1787381 - Prevent the UI from re-setting proxy config settings.