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5437e98... by Mike Gerdts

more feedback from rharper

d62031d... by Mike Gerdts

address feedback from rharper

478bfef... by Dan McDonald <email address hidden>

DataSourceSmartOS: sdc:routes is ignored

The routes specified in sdc:routes need to be added to each subnet and
at the global scope.

Co-authored-by: Mike Gerdts <email address hidden>

LP: #1763512

13f7f4e... by Scott Moser

flake8: fix flake8 errors in previous commit.

c249432... by Stephen Ford <email address hidden>

typos: Fix spelling mistakes in cc_mounts.py log messages

This also makes some of the messages more consistent.

589b542... by Joshua Powers

tests: restructure SSH and initial connections

The SSH function was retrying and waiting for SSH for over an
hour when an SSH connection was failing to be established. This
reduces the amount of retries and time between each retry to
prevent tests from running for hours.

Also restructures how waiting for the system works: the system
will attempt to SSH up to the boot timeout time by catching
SSH connection failures and retrying until the timeout is
reached. If the limit is reached now an exception is thrown
to abort the test.

Drive by - this also fixes printing of the instance name when
collecting the console log, rather than showing a Python object

Fixes LP: #1758409

0d7ee55... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: recognize container-other as a container, test SmartOS.

In playing with a SmartOS container I found that ds-identify did
not identify the container there as a container. Systemd-detect-virt
identifies it as 'container-other'.

Also here are tests for ds-identify for the SmartOS platform
identification, and some indentation fixes in ds-identify.

d5374bb... by Scott Moser

cloud-config.service: run After snap.seeded.service.

This makes cloud-config.service (and as a result cloud-final.service)
run After snap.seeded.service. This is required to ensure that
pre-seeded snaps can be used by cloud-init or user-data input.

The snap.seeded.service was added to snapd at:

Note that the following would be a workaround:
   00: snap wait system seed.loaded

LP: #1767131

3b712fc... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

tests: do not rely on host /proc/cmdline in test_net.py

Make test_net.TestGenerateFallbackConfig.test_unstable_names mock
the value of /proc/cmdline in the same way as the existing
test_unstable_names_disabled test.

LP: #1769952

bde3007... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: Remove dupe call to is_ds_enabled, improve debug message.

We had two calls to is_ds_enabled, and the debug message looked
something like this:
  is_ds_enabled returned 1: ConfigDrive NoCloud
Now instead we have just one call, and the debug message like:
  is_ds_enabled(IBMCloud) = true