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3549. By Henrik Ingo

Copied manpages man/* from mysql-5.1.54.tar.gz

3548. By Henrik Ingo

merging mepsql additions on top of the tree.

3547. By Martin

Bug#58165: "my_empty_string" gets modified and causes LOAD DATA to fail and
other crashes

Some string manipulating SQL functions use a shared string object intended to
contain an immutable empty string. This object was used by the SQL function
SUBSTRING_INDEX() to return an empty string when one argument was of the wrong
datatype. If the string object was then modified by the sql function INSERT(),
undefined behavior ensued.

Fixed by instead modifying the string object representing the function's
result value whenever string manipulating SQL functions return an empty

Relevant code has also been documented.

3546. By Bjorn Munch

merge from 5.1-mtr

3545. By Alexey Botchkov <email address hidden>

Bug #57321 crashes and valgrind errors from spatial types
        Item_func_spatial_collection::fix_length_and_dec didn't call parent's method, so
        the maybe_null was set to '0' after it. But in this case the result was
        just NULL, that caused wrong behaviour.

per-file comments:
Bug #57321 crashes and valgrind errors from spatial types
        test result updated.

Bug #57321 crashes and valgrind errors from spatial types
        test case added.
Bug #57321 crashes and valgrind errors from spatial types
        Item_func_geometry::fix_length_and_dec() called in

3544. By Dmitry Lenev <email address hidden>

Fix for bug #58499 "DEFINER-security view selecting from
INVOKER-security view access check wrong".

When privilege checks were done for tables used from an
INVOKER-security view which in its turn was used from
a DEFINER-security view connection's active security
context was incorrectly used instead of security context
with privileges of the second view's creator.

This meant that users which had enough rights to access
the DEFINER-security view and as result were supposed to
be able successfully access it were unable to do so in
cases when they didn't have privileges on underlying tables
of the INVOKER-security view.

This problem was caused by the fact that for INVOKER-security
views TABLE_LIST::security_ctx member for underlying tables
were set to 0 even in cases when particular view was used from
another DEFINER-security view. This meant that when checks of
privileges on these underlying tables was done in
setup_tables_and_check_access() active connection security
context was used instead of context corresponding to the
creator of caller view.

This fix addresses the problem by ensuring that underlying
tables of an INVOKER-security view inherit security context
from the view and thus correct security context is used for
privilege checks on underlying tables in cases when such view
is used from another view with DEFINER-security.

3543. By Martin

Bug#58207: invalid memory reads when using default column value and
tmptable needed

The function DEFAULT() works by modifying the the data buffer pointers (often
referred to as 'record' or 'table record') of its argument. This modification
is done during name resolution (fix_fields().) Unfortunately, the same
modification is done when creating a temporary table, because default values
need to propagate to the new table.

Fixed by skipping the pointer modification for fields that are arguments to
the DEFAULT function.

3542. By Dmitry Shulga <email address hidden>

Fixed Bug#58887 - server not throwing "Packet too large" error
if max_allowed_packet >= 16M.

This bug was introduced by patch for bug#42503.

This patch restores behaviour that there was before patch
for bug#42503 was applied.

3541. By Davi Arnaut <email address hidden>

Bug#42054: SELECT CURDATE() is returning bad value

The problem from a user point of view was that on Solaris the
time related functions (e.g. NOW(), SYSDATE(), etc) would always
return a fixed time.

This bug was happening due to a logic in the time retrieving
wrapper function which would only call the time() function every
half second. This interval between calls would be calculated
using the gethrtime() and the logic relied on the fact that time
returned by it is monotonic.

Unfortunately, due to bugs in the gethrtime() implementation,
there are some cases where the time returned by it can drift
(See Solaris bug id 6600939), potentially causing the interval
calculation logic to fail.

The solution is to retrieve the correct time whenever a drift in
the time returned by gethrtime() is detected. That is, do not
use the cached time whenever the values (previous and current)
returned by gethrtime() are not monotonically increasing.

3540. By Jan Wedvik <email address hidden>

Fix for bug#58553, "Queries with pushed conditions causes 'explain extended'
to crash mysqld".

handler::pushed_cond was not always properly reset when table objects where
recycled via the table cache.

handler::pushed_cond is now set to NULL in handler::ha_reset(). This should
prevent pushed conditions from (incorrectly) re-apperaring in later queries.

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