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>>> So with this new version, I just started getting the failure on
>>> Kerguelen. So I went to investigate, but I can't get any real info. This
>>> is what is in .bzr.log:
>>> Tue 2009-09-22 14:18:26 +1000
>>> 0.266 bzr arguments: [u'--version']
>>> 0.406 encoding stdout as sys.stdout encoding 'cp437'
>>> 0.641 failed to load compiled extension: DLL load failed: Access is denied.
>>> 0.844 opening working tree 'C:/home/shared/bzr/'
>>> 6.344 return code 0
>>> [58364] 2009-09-22 14:18:33.082 WARNING: bzr: warning: some compiled
>>> extensions could not be loaded; see
>>> <>
>>> So it says "I can't load" but it doesn't say *what* fails to load, and
>>> with the shorter error, you don't show the summary of what failed to
>>> load either.
>>> -Derror doesn't seem to help.
>>> So I would recommend and least dropping the list of failures into the
>>> log file.
>> So I tried editing it myself, and that error message is all you get from
>> the exception. (ie, it doesn't tell you what plugin failed to load).
>> To get that info, we would have to actually add it to the api... :(
> Do we even know which plugin is involved here?
> It seems weird to me that a unix program would use the term "DLL", so
> I suspect it's hardcoded in one of our plugins, and they're raising a
> custom ImportError.

Well, this is on Windows, and it occurs even after I delete everything
and rebuild. I wonder if it is the _readdir_pyx issue, but I sort of
doubt it.

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