Code review comment for lp:~mariusko/modemmanager/ubuntu.quantal_lp1057186

Marius B. Kotsbak (mariusko) wrote :

> There's an extra file in teh changes:
> === added file 'debian/patches/git_via-plugin-has-vendor-product-string-
> probing-so-need_69fe9a8.patch'
> Is this expected? If so, to be applied it should be added
> debian/patches/series, and definitely mentioned in debian/changelog.

Well, I hoped it disappeared, but I probably didn't handle bzr correctly.

> Additionally, please target this to the /ubuntu branch instead of
> /ubuntu.quantal, SRU normally requires updates to be tested in the development
> release before being provided in proposed for releases.

It is a bit complicated, since there, the patch I mentioned above is probably needed, but if we there sync the latest 0.6 branch, that one is included and we just need the patch in this commit.

Anyway, the fix is not even upstream yet, we are awaiting for the reporter to test the fix first.

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