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4508. By Kristian Nielsen on 2014-12-18

Empty commit to trigger a buildbot run

4507. By Kristian Nielsen on 2014-12-18

MDEV-7326: Server deadlock in connection with parallel replication

Add some printouts to try to track down a server deadlock in parallel
replication that happens for a user.

The hang seems to happen when a worker thread is waiting for the prior group
commit batch to all start committing. It looks like the prior batch completed,
but the stuck thread somehow missed its wakeup. Also, it seems to happen
related to transaction retry.

Add a printout when the stuck thread is killed with some info about what
happened around the wait. And also add a check at transaction retry to try to
confirm a suspected possible cause of the missed wakeup.

4506. By Sergei Golubchik on 2014-11-21

5.5 merge

4505. By Sergei Golubchik on 2014-11-21


4504. By Sergey Petrunia on 2014-11-19

MDEV-7118: Anemometer stop working after upgrade to from...

When the optimizer considers an option to use Loose Scan, it should
still consider UNIQUE keys (Previously, MDEV-4120 disabled loose scan
for all kinds of unique indexes. That was wrong)

However, we should not use Loose Scan when trying to satisfy
 "SELECT DISTINCT col1, col2, .. colN"
when using an index defined as UNIQU(col1, col2, ... colN).

4503. By Elena Stepanova on 2014-11-19

MDEV-7074 multi_source.simple test fails in buildbot

The problem is that the binlog position is updated before
Executed_log_entries and Slave_SQL_State. So, it's possible to hit
the moment when MASTER_POS_WAIT (and hence sync_with_master) already
returned success, but Slave_SQL_State and Executed_log_entries were not
modified yet.
Fixing it by adding a wait on the expected Executed_log_entries value.

4502. By Alexander Barkov on 2014-11-19

MDEV-6993 Bad results with join comparing DECIMAL and ENUM/SET columns

4501. By Alexander Barkov on 2014-11-19

MDEV-6978 Bad results with join comparing case insensitive VARCHAR/ENUM/SET
expression to a _bin ENUM column

4500. By Alexander Barkov on 2014-11-18

MDEV-6991 GROUP_MIN_MAX optimization is erroneously applied in some cases

4499. By Alexander Barkov on 2014-11-18

MDEV-6950 Bad results with joins comparing DATE/DATETIME and INT/DECIMAL/DOUBLE/ENUM/VARCHAR columns
MDEV-6971 Bad results with joins comparing TIME and DOUBLE/DECIMAL columns
Disallow using indexes on non-temporal columns to optimize
ref access, range access and table elimination when the counterpart's
cmp_type is TIME_RESULT, e.g.:
  SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE indexed_int_column=time_expression;
Only index on a temporal column can be used to optimize temporal comparison

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