Code review comment for lp:~maddevelopers/mg5amcnlo/3.0.2

Rikkert Frederix (frederix) wrote :

Hi guys,

These lines were NOT introduced by me. If you go back in through the history you find them all the way back to some merge with a 'COLLIER' branch, (which was merged into 2.5.1 (hence, this is also part of public 2.7.X code) and that branch was later merged to the flattened_FKS_EW_clean branch, which was merged into the current 3.0.X branch).

The COLLIER branch is a branch that Valentin worked on some three years ago:

They were introduced in revision 78.355.19. I couldn't find a commit message, so I don't know why this was introduced here. Valentin, do you remember?


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