Code review comment for lp:~maddevelopers/mg5amcnlo/3.0.1


I would like to put this quite high priority for this week (i.e. for me Wednesday-friday).

I have rerun the tests and found that some tests are crashing when run via the full script but are working if run alone. So I have run (the very slow script to determine which of the tests had such side effects and the culprint is:
which has a side effect that lead to the following crash:

FAIL: test_generate_fks_ew_dijet_qed2qcd2_qcd (tests.unit_tests.fks.test_extra_ew.TestAMCatNLOEW)
check that the generate command works as expected.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/omattelaer/Documents/workspace/3.0.1/tests/unit_tests/fks/", line 869, in test_generate_fks_ew_dijet_qed2qcd2_qcd
    self.assertEqual(real.fks_infos[0]['extra_cnt_index'], -1)
AssertionError: 0 != -1

Might be interesting that you take a look. But I think that we should release this version this week independently.

Any objection? comment?


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