Last commit made on 2021-06-28
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adeb341... by Victor Tapia

Reuse metric structures for Prometheus

Backport of 2ad24e0

4fdc363... by Guilherme G. Piccoli

This is the NVMe secure erase implementation (+ one more patch, to fix/improve quick erase).
I tried to explain/detail everything in the commit messages; also, code/tests were validated against Flake8 to prevent style issues.

Backport of 9633810

255c1ed... by Alberto Donato

LP:1883735 - remove lockfiles when deb package is purged

3d2c8ec... by Lee Trager

Backport of 9424d23 LP: #1869958 - Run fio using the native block size of the disk.

1e99be6... by Lee Trager

Backport of c25d426 LP: #1870171 - Remove token associations when transferring ownership of a Node.

1005ea8... by Lee Trager

Backport of d0653c9 LP: #1870171 - Remove the token column from the Node table.

The token column is only used by the API when allocating and machine and
listing allocated machines. When a User Token is deleted this association
causes the Node to be deleted as well. Allocated machines are already
filtered by owner and status so the token column isn't needed.

In the backport Node.token is no longer used but the column remains to
avoid creating a migration.

33edba1... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1847794 - only update interface info for physical interfaces

a10625b... by Adam Collard

Release 2.6.2

1c71727... by Adam Collard

2.6.2-rc1 changelog

458c303... by Lee Trager

Backport of ad87cfa LP: #1847537 - Respect the allow_dns field when generating V1 network config.