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904928b... by Blake Rouse on 2017-10-30

Backport of 98b29059a2630ba09efc0bd34a55e6de9eadbb00 from master.

Recreate RPC connection in the database when updating the running regiond processes.

3de6cc2... by Blake Rouse on 2017-10-26

Fixes LP: #1705594, #1724677, #1727073.

Backports of ad6874821711208d0e420ee2168862b59cf16cef, 98d01e01e0064fa62e1cda75363805c50398220d, d388d7ad9e5660973cddd81e09cc52ec4e8e2595, b2f6b7759e6345b1a81f9e9b1b3b6fedfefd84ce from master.

672ff26... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-09-26

Backport 56e58b6cf790ae974f2524a6ded88d0ff0ca3270 from master.

LP: #1688066 - Add Spice graphical console to pod created VM's

a131923... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-09-20

Backport f7381c14a88aaf0aeab52d53d5ae3f27a66ace8c from master.

LP: #1718209 - Fix IPv6 DHCP PXE configuration.

c5908ba... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-09-20

Backport 21fb76a967c2d0196dc34b73d0ccab4e4dbd523b from master.

LP: #1717287 - maas-enlist not supporting IPv6 addresses in server_url

4589cde... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-09-19


85ec086... by Greg Lutostanski on 2017-09-19

Backport dd962958f73efb95216044f93de9aea3aace01e8 from master.

LP: #1507712 - cli: maas logout causes KeyError for other profiles

There is a race where when profiles are being deleted, if this happens
between the __iter__ and __getitem__ (of a different invocation of the
cli) which are two different SQL queries, there is an inconsistent view.

So instead use a cache with a consistent view of the data. This
guarantees correct -- if stale behavior in the cli.

Note that this is acceptable because when running two commands at the
same time ordering is unknown and the cache only lives for the lifetime
of a single command.

254b99d... by Blake Rouse on 2017-09-08

Backport 0a9d968925552226479a80333240943f3cb504af from master.

LP: #1715634 - Prefetch all node data in the tags API so SQL queries are consistent.

With the nodes, machines, devices, rack_controllers, and region_controllers on the tags endpoint returning the correct objects Piston will convert them into the correct result object which results in large number of queries per node. This prefetches all the required data making the number of queries consistent.

58dee18... by Данило Шеган on 2017-09-07

Backport 529d83cf15f9d0b227761a4dfc3dd892e5e3ca7d from master.

Fixes LP #1676992: force Postgresql restart on maas-region-controller installation.

This ensures it restarts even when running in chroot (eg. during server installation from an ISO/CD).

8e27f6b... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-08-31

utilities/release-build: Replace with the one from master