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Mitchell Dzurick (mitchdz) wrote :

The bug fixes/security fixes look good and I wanted to dig into the functional changes a little bit for breaking changes. Only 2 looked like potential issues but are fine.

6282. [func] Deprecate AES-based DNS cookies. [GL #4421]
This is not a concern since the code was not being used other than in internal testing.

6269. [maint] B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET addresses are now and
   2801:1b8:10::b. [GL #4101]
This is fine for this merge, but I wonder if this change will need to be made for Focal as well once these old addresses get deprecated?

I tested a basic upgrade in a mantic VM and the apt upgrade was very smooth.

1) Is Debian also be suffering due to the stdatomic header change? If so that delta would be great to add there.

These changes LGTM. +1

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