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e92ccb3... by Lee Trager

LP: #1878923, #1878685 - Fix incorrect memory detection.

LXD was only detecting the amount of available memory in user space. Memory
reserved by the kernel was not shown as available. This caused MAAS to show
slightly less RAM then the system actually had.

MAAS was assuming that a NUMA node always had memory assigned to it. When
0 memory was assigned to a node commissioning would raise an exception and

bfb5173... by Dougal Matthews

Improve the wording of a error message and the supported os

fe83204... by Björn Tillenius

Fix test_add_subparsers_single_only failure.

424bfab... by Dougal Matthews

LP: #1662361 - Only validate the distro_series against the OS if it is provided

128e955... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 779f3d03ae4d3f3b9932ad36347e3ab31e7feb5c

fca4925... by Kit Randel

Update maas-ui to 6e7f167d81f639730b30feead17876b2dcae2718

9997030... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 88a566ffe315f199204f58963a369fbb73f2a28e

20c0715... by Alberto Donato

snap: add content interface to connect to the maas-test-db snap

b6e7ac5... by Björn Tillenius

Require the mode to be passed as a positional argument.

The idea is that when you run 'maas init' without any arguments, it will
explain how to initialise MAAS. Each mode/subcommand (region/rack) has
only the argument it needs, so that it's easier to know what to pass
when adding a rack server, for example.

The old --mode way of calling 'maas init' is still supported (including
passing 'all'), but will be deprecated for 2.8 in another branch.

a5c9c84... by Björn Tillenius

Don't always run snapcraft in 'make sync-dev-snap'.

Currently when you do changes in the source code and run 'make
sync-dev-snap' for an already built prime dir, snapcraft is run every

Given that snapcraft is bad at detecting whether something changed, and
takes a long time doing so, it doesn't make sense to run it always.