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c0014ff... by Alvaro Uria

Allow snap channel update

Reviewed-by: Paul Goins <email address hidden>

bf8f93c... by Alvaro Uria

Increase dashboard search timeout

907c410... by Alvaro Uria

Allow snap channel update

12c78db... by Alvaro Uria

Merge branch 'bug/1876327'

Reviewed-by: Xav Paice <email address hidden>
Signed-off-by: Alvaro Uria <email address hidden>

199f595... by Alvaro Uria

Fix grafana-dashboards deserialization

54f6ccd... by Xav Paice

Switch functional tests to Zaza

Replaces the functional tests with Zaza equivalents, which is miles
simpler to drive.

Additionally includes one minor fix for the create-user action, which
was causing tests to fail.

b1ef22a... by Peter Sabaini

Fix create-user action

Closes-Bug: #1868869

Reviewed-by: Alvaro Uria <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Wouter van Bommel <email address hidden>

65093fd... by Peter Sabaini

Add user auth test

Also hopefully now really fix build paths in test

96e92be... by Peter Sabaini

Fix create-user

Fix create-user action and add functional test for the action

Update path handling for JUJU_REPOSITORY to match what charm-tools
do. Also rename the CHARM_BUILD_DIR global to avoid confusion as it
has diff. semantics as the charm-tools env var of the same name

af1771e... by Joe Guo

Fix get_admin_password action

1. add @when('grafana.admin_password.set') decorator to configure_sources.

This will ensure `configure_sources` always run after `check_adminuser` and
admin_password is either configured or generated.

2. change get_admin_password logic order: read from config first, fall back to kv if not set.

The unitdata.kv() grafana.admin_password value is created as a fallback when
admin_password is not set in the juju config. The original logic is opposite.
Simplify code by the way.

3. reuse get_admin_password in configure_sources
since the logic is the same now

LP: #1835093

Reviewed-by: Jeremy Lounder <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Giuseppe Petralia <email address hidden>