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Amit Pundir (pundiramit) wrote :

Dave, Matt,

I understand your concern but over the period of time we have found that running multiple fastmodels on a single machine put extra load on that machine. Random adb connection failures are also observed rather frequently on machines running multiple models.

It is "OK" to run regular kernel and system tests, which run for about 2-3 hours in total, on multiple models sharing a single machine but CTS tests (one of which run for 20 hours straight) are very prone to this extra load and they tend to reboot models when they timeout due to inactivity or just skip running remaining tests. We have observed this on local setups as well.

We just want to make sure that we run the tests (CTS and Monkey in particular) to completion. Ideally it would be great to have one more machine in the lab dedicated to fastmodels so that we don't have backlog of jobs.


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