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36e92d3... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

Update build tools to work with git

- Update HACKING.rst to include git instructions
- update MANIFEST.in and .gitignore to ignore git-related things
- replaced tarball generation scripts with git-based script
- have the spec files correctly identify themselves as cheetah templates
- make brpm work with git

4264783... by Scott Moser

mcollective: add tests, cleanups and bug fix when no config in /etc.

Things here:
 - restart rather than 'start' the service, to pick up a config change
   that we would have written.
 - update the config and write cert files whether or not the file
   existed on the system. Previously it would only write the cert
   files if /etc/mcollective/server.cfg already existed.
 - improve test coverage

6764452... by Joshua Harlow

Avoid depending on argparse in 2.7 or greater

At least (currently) for rhel7 the argparse package does
not get installed (even though rpm say it is installed by
the python core package) and this causes things that mention
argparse in there requirements to not believe that argparse
is installed (even though it is) so to avoid this whole mess
we can just avoid depending on argparse in python versions
where we don't need to (since it was included in the stdlib
in python 2.7+)

35b902c... by Joshua Harlow

Avoid depending on argparse in 2.7 or greater

Its not needed since its a built-in for these
versions so we can just skip it for any newer
rpm building in the first place.

LP: #1603533

d86e753... by Scott Moser

improvements to eni rendering

Some improvements here, and some bug fixes.
 - bring curtin revno 394's to support post-up for interface aliases.
 - sort attributes per interface for nicer order and consistent rendering
 - use arrays for each 'section' rather than content += . This allows
   better separation of the sections and also will perform better as long
   strings with += are slow.
 - improve how 'lo' is handled. If a network state that was being rendered
   had an entry for 'lo', then the rendered ENI would have 2 'lo'
 - no longer skip 'lo' sections when loading an ENI in parse_deb_config
 - fix inet value for subnets, don't add interface attributes to alias
   (LP: #1588547)

Also add some tests of reading yaml and rendering ENI.

8191489... by Scott Moser

merge from trunk

74e4dff... by Scott Moser

ConfigDrive: fix writing of 'injected' files and legacy networking

Previous commit inadvertently disabled the consumption of 'injected' files
in configdrive (openstack server boot --file=/target/file=local-file)
unless the datasource was in 'pass' mode. The default mode is 'net' so
that was not likely to happen.

Also here are:
a.) some comments to apply_network_config

b.) add backwards compatibility for distros that do not yet implement
    apply_network_config by converting the network config into ENI format
    and calling apply_network.

    This is required because prior to the previous commit, those distros
    would have had 'apply_network' called with the openstack provided
    ENI file. But after this change they will have apply_network_config
    called by cloudinit's main.

c.) add network_state_to_eni for converting net config to eni
    it supports the not-actually-correct 'hwaddress' field in ENI

LP: #1602373

9a0189c... by Scott Moser


81fce7a... by Scott Moser

add test of apply_network fallback path.

we could do this more simply by mocking fbsd.apply_network
and checking it's inputs. but this pushes it through the whole
path that the other test does.

660e04e... by Scott Moser

Fix mcollective module with python3

fixes mcollective when used with python3 and also adds a unit test.

LP: #1597699