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Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

> 1) I read that Fluendo switch to Banshee for Moovida 2.0, and searched
> for a fork but didn't found it. Maybe you could announce it anywhere?

The reason it hasn't been announced very visibly is that we don't have anything to show off yet, merely a forked branch with a couple of patches in it.

> 4/5) true too, thanks for fixing it, your code for the css problem
> running well here, should i make a comment about that in your merge
> proposal?

Please do!

> 8) Ok about that, i did only the plugin as a separate project
> The Problem is that using the plugin without the changes i made on the
> (teletext issue and deinterlacing support) isn't funny
> (at least here in Germany where we have DVB streams interlaced and with
> teletext). For the teletext issue i can publish a patch and relate it to
> the bug, and for deinterlacing support i write a new bug report, is that
> the correct solution?

Yes, definitely the way to go about those issues.

> 9) Strange none else got issues with the lirc plugin (at least i found
> no bug report). On my machine its not working without that change, maybe
> its because i am using inputlirc
> ( ) instead of lirc, I'll
> try to track the problem and write a bug report.

Cool. The LIRC plugin is a delicate beast, usually a fix for a set of configurations is likely to break for another set of configurations, which is why a change needs a solid justification, so your investigation will be welcome.

> I'm pretty new to launchpad and bzr and i din't fully understand the way
> development is working there, so thanks again for the help.

No problem! Thanks for your contributions.

> Another short question: Should i delete this proposal?

No need to do this, it can remain here for reference.

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