Code review comment for lp:~jgonzalezdr/cairo-dock-plug-ins/suspend-workaround-applet

Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) wrote :

If we add this workaround in a new applet, we can easily disable it. But on the other hand it also means that the user has to enable it. We could automatically enable (like the gnome-integration applet) it but because this workaround doesn't need any new dependence, it could be managed by the core. To disable it, maybe we could add a new option or a flag to not compile the workaround.

The dock is already detecting the OpenGL driver in src/gldi/cairo-dock-opengl.c =>

We don't like workarounds but sometimes it's needed... And it's really not easy to know where it's the best place (read: the less ugly one :-P) to add a workaround :-)

@fabounet: what do you think about that.

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