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Jacques-Etienne Baudoux (jbaudoux) wrote :

Hi Georges,

I'm coming back on this MP as I just found some time to investigate that openerp.cfg addons_path that is not relative to the root of the chroot jail.

So, it's coming from
|- def _create_default_config(self):
|| """Have OpenERP generate its default config file.
|| """
|| self.options.setdefault('options.admin_passwd', '')
|| if self.major_version <= (6, 0):
|| # root-path not available as command-line option
|| os.chdir(join(self.openerp_dir, 'bin'))
|| subprocess.check_call([self.script_path, '--stop-after-init', '-s',
|| ])
|| else:
|| sys.path.extend([self.openerp_dir])
|| sys.path.extend([egg.location for egg in])
|| from import configmanager
|| configmanager(self.config_path).save()

I see 2 options:

1/ no improvement to this MP. Only python scripts are relative. However, each item in the addons path is prefixed by the path of the jail.
addons_path = /home/jbaudoux/chroot/opt/server/openerp/addons,....
and, inside the jail, workaround by creating a symlink /home/jbaudoux/chroot -> /

2/ don't use
|| from import configmanager
|| configmanager(self.config_path).save()
but run the jail start script like it was previously
|| subprocess.check_call([self.script_path, '--stop-after-init', '-s',
|| ])
where self.script_path has to be replaced by a new buildout variable specifying the script to run
This also has the advantage that if buildout is not run by the user that will run openerp, the openerp.cfg file gets the right ownership which is currently not the case.

What do you prefer? Option 1 is working fine (so I keep this MP as it is) but if you'd like to have option 2 implemented, I can make a MP to this MP.

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