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Georges Racinet (gracinet) wrote :

> As the openerp.cfg is generated by importing from
> buildout, and the path is generated by openerp with os.path.abspath(os.path.ex
> panduser(os.path.expandvars(os.path.dirname(openerp.__file__))))
> I don't see anyway to have relative path here.

This I don't really understand: that'd be the initial generation, but the recipe overwrites openerp.cfg afterwards by writing directly to it with a ConfigParser instance, IIRC

> And as having full path in openerp.cfg is not blocking, so I'm gonna leave it
> like this.
> Nevertheless, for python, relative path is required for the python module
> loader if you deploy in chroot jail. So, I suggest you merge this MP.

I see, for the chroot use case, you *need* paths to be relative.
But for simple relocability without rerunning buildout, it'd be neat to have a full relative setup.
I'll take a look at the merge this afternoon. Meanwhile, if you have opportunity to add tests in anybox/recipe/openerp/ or, that'd be great (tests are needed anyway).

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