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Georges Racinet (gracinet) wrote :

Hi, I'm at last in shape (well me and the recipe) to look at this request seriously. Sorry for being so slow.
First, could you please clarify some generalities for me ?

- I'm a bit confused by the jailroot terminology. Do you have something specific and hard in mind (such as a chroot or lxc container), or is this just about promising not to leave some directory, and therefore be admissible for a chroot ?

- I'm not sure to understand the use-case for the she-bang change. I'm used to control the she-bang by bootstrapping with the intended python. What's the difference here ? I got the "no modification of files" and find it a great perspective, but how does it play with the custom shebang (maybe a concrete example making the difference between building and running would help).

For the record, I've been playing with debian repackaging of buildouts lately, and I wonder if it would not precisely been served well by such features. Could it allow, e.g, to build on a CI worker in a certain directory and then run transparently in another ?

This could also be exactly what SlapOS (a distributed cloud system based on zc.buildout) would need

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