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Andrew Bennetts (spiv) wrote :

I'm no dirstate expert, so depending on how confident you are with this patch you might like to wait for another review before merging.

Overall, I this change seems ok to me. It deserves careful benchmarking of course, but I know you've been doing that :)

It's interesting to me that _build_line_cache actually re-reads the lines from the file. I had expected that maybe we'd keep the lines around from the original read, but perhaps this is just as good. If we mmap'ed the dirstate then certainly re-reading from the mmap rather than keeping a copy would clearly make sense.

+ :param worth_saving_limit: when the exact number of changed entries
+ is known, only bother saving the dirstate if more than this
+ count of entries have changed. -1 means never save.

I'd personally prefer "None means never save", but that's not a big deal.

I believe the dirstate can record changes to tree state, not just cache stat info... so is there a risk with this patch that e.g. "bzr mv foo bar" will go unrecorded because it's under the _worth_saving_limit? I understand the value in not updating the cache for only a small number of changes, but AFAIK we always want to update the dirstate file when actual state is changed. I think the header_too=True flag is used to make sure this works, but that seems like a pretty indirect way of expressing the concept that this is a non-optional update.

I wonder: if you unconditionally set _worth_saving_limit to something very high (e.g. 1000000) does the test suite still pass? My guess is that except perhaps for one or two hyper-sensitive tests it ought to, and it might make for an interesting sanity check.

+ # We only enable smart saving is it hasn't already been disabled

"is" -> "if"

+ if self._use_smart_saving is not False:
+ self._use_smart_saving = True

So if _use_smart_saving is True, set it to True? Is that right? Perhaps you mean "is not None"?

(If you really are just testing for True/False, it's generally a bad idea to test for True or False with "is". Use "if [not] self._use_smart_saving:" instead, which is also easier to read.)

review: Approve

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