Code review comment for lp:~ian-clatworthy/bzr/faster-dirstate-saving

Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

2009/5/28 John A Meinel <email address hidden>:
> A guideline is: "Don't save if it would cost as much data as you avoid
> reading".
> The cost of not updating the dirstate is having to re-read the file
> who's sha is now different. So if the dirstate is 1MB, and the file is
> 10k, then you should not update if there are 10 files that are changed.
> If you *want* to look at text_size and compare it to len(lines) we could
> do that. Otherwise I'm fine with a heuristic of < 1% of the tree, or
> something like that.

It's possibly a bit more work, but as I commented on the bug, I'd
actually like to try turning off writing it altogether for logical
readonly operations.

Martin <>

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