Code review comment for lp:~hrvojem/percona-server/rn-5.5.37-35.0-5.5

    - 33: Percona Server has implemented extra scalability metrics in
      5.5.37-35.0. These metrics allow using Little's Law, queueing
      theory, and Universal Scalability Law to gain insights into
      server performance.
    - 33: link to USL on Percona site (the other two things are easily
      googlable, this one not particularly).
    - 84+: s/since metrics were started/since the metrics collection
      was started
    - 105: replace high resolution with the actual time unit
    - 112: This counter accounts the non-idle server time, that is,
      time when at least one query was executing.
    - 498: Fixed by randomly selecting the queries to be logged
      instead of logging every nth query.

review: Needs Fixing

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