Code review comment for lp:~hrvojem/percona-server/rn-5.5.37-35.0-5.5

Partial review:

    - slow query log rate filtering docs need update for 1016991.
    - 94: I don't like intro "X is free open-source Oracle's Y." I'd
      edit to tell what the audit plugin is, independently from
      Oracle, and only then mention that it is an alternative
      implementation of Oracle's one.
    - 151: is shipped with Percona Server but is not installed by
    - 177: s/can't/can ?
    - 305: duplicate of 294
    - 350: something else than "PS has implemented X"
    - 1262439: fix was not ported from 5.7, check the bug report for
      the correct credit.
    - 1070255: s/ported/backported
    - 1298352: the previous release or previous releases?

review: Needs Fixing

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