Code review comment for lp:~hirt/ocb-addons/6.1_base_contact_finalize

Omar (Pexego) (omar7r) wrote :

At first sight, you should remove pdb import and the commented lines, on the other hand, you convert the partner_id field, from related to function field without search function, this field could be used in several addons as filter, with function field will not work anymore at least without search function.
IMHO I prefer name_search as works now, because your way don't support, for example, with compound first names or more than one last name, this is applyable to view_init function too.

It's a huge diff as Pedro said and I think that isn't the best way to complete this addon but we can wait for opinion of other reviewers, for now, I will mark it as needs fixing, for the up things.


review: Needs Fixing (code review, no test)

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