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8ad0b3d... by Joshua Harlow on 2016-08-10

Use entrypoints for cloudinit.config

Instead of looking in a very specific location for
cloudinit config modules; which for those adding there
own modules makes it hard to do without patching that
location instead use entrypoints and register all
current cloudinit config modules by default with that
new entrypoint (and use that same entrypoint namespace
for later finding needed modules).

db72092... by Joshua Harlow on 2016-07-25

Add distro tags on config modules that should have it

Some of these really won't work to well on non-supporting
distros so to avoid further user pain tag this with the
supported distros where they should work.

4a1c0df... by Scott Moser on 2016-08-10

ChangeLog: update changelog for previous commit.

b455902... by Ryan Harper on 2016-08-10

add ntp config module

Add support for installing and configuring ntp service, exposing the
minimum config of servers or pools to be added. If none are defined
then fallback on generating a list of pools by distro hosted at
pool.ntp.org (which matches what's found in the default ntp.conf
shipped in the respective distro).

c52b8eb... by Scott Moser on 2016-08-10

SmartOS: more improvements for network configuration

This improves smart os network configuration
 - fix the SocketClient which was previously completely broken.
 - adds support for configuring dns servers and dns search (based off the
 - support 'sdc:gateways' information from the datasource for configuring
   default routes.
 - add converted network information to output when module is run as a main

This does not support 'sdc:routes' as described at

1e85ba0... by Scott Moser on 2016-08-10

tools/read-version: update to address change in version

commit 48ec60ae changed over several tools to use X.Y.Z-XXX-gHASH
but missed tools/read-version. The end result was that
check_version failed.

3aa094b... by Scott Moser on 2016-08-10

release 0.7.7

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 0.7.7.

3973223... by Scott Moser on 2016-08-10

make-tarball: older versions of git with --format=tar.

Some older versions of git (Centos 6) do not have --format=tar.gz.
To work around this, create a .tar file and then compress it.

5374773... by Scott Moser on 2016-08-09

read-version: do not attempt git-describe if no git.

Even if there is a .git directory, we can't use git if there
is no git executable in the path. In that case just fall back
to the cloud-init version.

b56d7a1... by Joshua Harlow on 2016-08-08

Newer requests have strong type validation

Only use strings in headers, as newer requests
actually do stricter validation of this, so ensure
that we comply by only having string objects in
header dicts.