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eb79419... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2019-01-02

flatpak: Launch apps via GAppInfo and the desktop file

Avoid directly using flatpak_installation_launch() and instead switch to
g_app_info_launch() so that we get a new terminal window for command
line apps.


69c392d... by Emin Tufan Çetin <email address hidden> on 2018-12-29

Update Turkish translation

c0b096b... by Anders Jonsson on 2018-12-29

Update Swedish translation

9097eda... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2018-12-27

flatpak: Add missing locking around broken_remotes hash table

36b4a6f... by monday15 on 2018-12-22

gtk-style.css: Add outline radius for round button

Add missing outline radius for expander round button.


9f2b08d... by Efstathios Iosifidis <email address hidden> on 2018-12-25

Update Greek translation

3647d9e... by Jeremy Bicha on 2018-12-22

plugins: Fix undefined references

Be sure to link against libgnomesoftware to fix build
with -Wl,-z,defs

b3e09b0... by Andrea Azzarone on 2018-12-20

authDialog: Remove unused error_bar

c6dc808... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2018-12-18

generic updates: Fix old updates accumulating in the OS Updates item

When we first get an update to version 1, and a while later to version 2
of the same app, both of them would accumulate in the "OS Updates" item.

This was due to the use of plugin cache in the generic updates plugin
which kept the "OS Updates" from a previous get_updates call still
around and never removed the old apps from it.

Fix this by changing it to create a new "OS Updates" proxy app every

e0580c4... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2018-12-17

updates page: Add the "interactive" flag to page load jobs

As these can be user initiated depending on the situation, mark them as
"interactive" to avoid the update monitor cancelling them.