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2cd3c06... by Richard Hughes on 2017-08-05

Show a donation section in the review dialog

Additionally, allow admins to disable the donation functionality using a key in

d1f6879... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-16

Implement the new featured banner carousel design


15aceb2... by jimmac on 2019-07-16

featured: make Blender text more legible


8853627... by Daniel Mustieles on 2019-07-16

Updated Spanish translation

5e036ee... by jimmac on 2019-07-16

theme: fix stars for :dark theme

Fixing theming before we even rolled out user-preferred
dark theming.


e82fb6e... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-16

Remove the wildcard apps afterthe very first refine call

If we have filter flags set then gs_plugin_loader_run_refine_filter() is called
indirectly twice, so all the wildcards get added again as they're only removed
in gs_plugin_loader_run_refine().

Fixes the other half of

42a277d... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-16

trivial: Fix a typo when checking lists for duplicates

42a3b73... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-15

Never claim wildcard applications from AppStream

Fixes half of

59c376c... by Richard Hughes on 2019-07-16

Don't apply drop shadow on stock symbolic icons, harder


c8d2b92... by Robert Ancell on 2019-07-16

snap: Fix incorrect usage of new connections API

It's a low risk case, but we an unconnected plug could be missed making us
think a snap is not graphical.