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2e8a43f... by Umang Jain on 2019-11-22

transaction: Sync installed apps' state missing runtime is re-installed

Flatpak changes [1] will start marking apps as updatable if their
runtime component is missing on the installation. These apps will
be shown as updatable in gnome-software updates panel but in the
background they are meant to fetch their missing runtime.

Since many apps can target one runtime, the absence of that runtime
can make many apps show up in the updates panel. In that case,
check if the runtime is downloaded → installed and set all
apps' state back to "installed". This solves the case
if users chooses to click "Update All".


fb998a1... by Umang Jain <email address hidden> on 2019-11-06

transaction: Sync main app's state if a related ref is installed

Starting libflatpak-1.5.1 [1], flatpak will start returning
application refs as updatable if mandatory extensions related
refs are not found to be installed on the installation.

Hence, detect such kind of cases and sync the main-app's
state back to installed accordingly.


03afdf7... by Umang Jain on 2019-12-02

flatpak: Enable tests related to extensions

Tests were skipped in 15c6a8d15 due to missing files. Add the files,
so that the tests can be re-enabled again.

5380313... by Tim Sabsch <email address hidden> on 2019-11-30

Update German translation

(cherry picked from commit be7e6406b54493cdbb8c81079992043ee83c6ad1)

ee52507... by Anders Jonsson on 2019-11-29

Update Swedish translation

81c8549... by Piotr Drąg on 2019-11-28

Update Polish translation

aee469d... by Sebas on 2019-11-25

Make gnome-software-local-file.desktop xdg-open compatible

a75b25d... by Rafael Fontenelle on 2019-11-25

Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

(cherry picked from commit 2c7a039555e24c5b0c593b33bf8e6bf89ff4a1db)

fbfb3ee... by Richard Hughes on 2019-11-25

trivial: Post release version bump

814f8a1... by Richard Hughes on 2019-11-25

Release version 3.35.2