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56d95cd... by Robert Ancell on 2019-11-27

snap: Don't try to get alternatives for non-snaps

That's likely to crash...

8e820a4... by Kukuh Syafaat on 2020-01-02

Update Indonesian translation

33a902c... by Úr Balázs on 2019-12-30

Update Hungarian translation

7faa094... by aurisc4 on 2019-12-28

Updated Lithuanian translation

994342d... by Robert Ancell on 2019-12-16

snap: Fix channel versions not matching due to inverted logic

b7b26fb... by Robert Ancell on 2019-12-03

snap: Set sandboxed kudo correctly for snap channels.

It was previously not set for the alternatives, do it in the refine stage so
this is more reliable.

ad99594... by Robert Ancell on 2019-12-04

overview: Disable featured banner if no featured apps

a447502... by Robert Ancell on 2019-12-04

overview: Hide featured back/forwards buttons if only one featured app

5e0592a... by Umarzuki Bin Mochlis Moktar on 2019-12-04

Add Malay translation

be7e640... by Tim Sabsch <email address hidden> on 2019-11-30

Update German translation