Last commit made on 2023-06-07
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fd5eb67... by Steve Langasek

make the gu-build exit code match that of dpkg-buildpackage

d9c71e9... by Steve Langasek

drop stray unused variable left over from development

a4debcd... by Steve Langasek

Use the dowload cache for tarballs

Passing an empty cache dir to the launchpad download method pollutes the
working directory, causing the subsequent dpkg-buildpackage to fail.
Sidestep this bug and just use the tested code path instead.

5a87133... by Steve Langasek

Only append -v option if the target branch's version is in our changelog

Otherwise, dpkg-genchanges feeds the entirety of debian/changelog into the
changes file, which is not what we want.

51c156a... by Steve Langasek

Use the Changelog.upstream_version property instead of reimplementing

8e74367... by Steve Langasek

Add support for figuring -v and -sa options to dpkg-buildpackage

0e76f42... by Steve Langasek

Initial implementation of a dpkg-buildpackage wrapper

334c007... by Steve Langasek

mk-build-deps doesn't like version 0

8bdcdf6... by Robie Basak

prepare-upload: handle ssh:// rewrites

According to LP 1942985, this is another case where a URL rewrite is

3c369c3... by Robie Basak

prepare-upload: add test for ssh:// URL rewrites

According to LP 1942985, this is another case where a rewrite is