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8d21849... by Robie Basak

doc: adjust note on closing MPs in patch-pilot.rst

2e3660d... by Robie Basak

doc: adjusted patch-pilot.rst hyperlinks

This is a slightly more opinionated change: where links are internal
within the git-ubuntu documentation, I've used the doc reST role
instead to make it independent of URL to make local development and
testing easier. But also, I've removed some links to the git-ubuntu docs
itself, since that's where we are already.

This assumes that the docs are going to stay where they are for now. If
they are moved away, then of course the internal and external links will
need to be reversed.

92c542b... by Robie Basak

doc: fix up patch-pilot.rst

These are non-opinionated fixes relating to reST and Sphinx formatting,
rather than any contentful changes.

04ea573... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Explain the empty directories workflow

Primarily exists as a pointer to proper documentation for the workflow,
but with a high level explanation in perspective of patch piloting for

f84e88c... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Example workflow for converting debdiff to a git branch

This aims to provide a basic paint-by-numbers procedure for quickly
converting a debdiff into a git-ubuntu branch, suitable for use within
patch piloting efforts, where the debdiff generally can be assumed to be
reasonably coherent and just needs to be applied and committed.

aea59b5... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Document how to request MPs be closed

c0bb2f3... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Explain how to checkout ubuntu/*-devel in git-ubuntu

c858dab... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Explain how to autopkgtest a git-ubuntu mp via PPA

48ab1a4... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Define basic workflow

How to clone, branch, install deps, and build git-ubuntu MPs.

Anyone reading this likely already has their own preferred workflow and
toolset that work well for them, but this provides a decent illustration
of the main concepts.

b4092b8... by Bryce Harrington

patch-pilot: Add introductory text and more info

Provide links to other relevant docs