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Gary.Wang (gary-wzl77) wrote :

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, The main reason for this MP is for scope with only_in_search property
enabled, results will be only displayed on surface when searching. So
disable it in setting page will give user nothing if only this scope
support searching.Something, it looks odd, users have no ideas that results
from only_in_search scope will only be displayed when searching, so they
might think searching feature doesn't work in such case.

Generally, I think it would be better to hide scope with only_in_search
enabled in settings, which looks more reasonable.
But currently I can't find a way to do so.
Personally, I think it's a dirty fix as well. If you think it's invalid,
please reject it.


PS: This MP only affects only_in_search enabled scope, for generic scope,
it works as usual.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 2:32 AM, Kyle Nitzsche <email address hidden>

> Hi,
> If I understand correctly, this MR will cause results to be displayed from
> child scopes that are disabled by the user in settings. This seems
> incorrect to me. Can you please comment.
> --
> You are the owner of lp:~gary-wzl77/scope-aggregator/force_display_results.


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