Code review comment for lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/recommendations-sso-login-lp973612

Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

Thanks for your work on this bug, the code looks good.

During testing I noticed a small issues:

If you are opted into recommendations and you start software-center with no network connection it will opt-out
the user again as the missing network connection causes a failure to login. To test:
1. open s-c
2. opt into recommendations and wait until they show up
3. close s-c
4. disconnect network (via NetworkManager)
5. start s-c and notice that it says "Turn on recommendations" now
(as the user loose the UUID when we opt him/her out on error this one should probably be fixed).

A corner case that is harder to hit in the real world is if the user manually deleted his/her token via
seahorse or by removing the keyring file entirely. In this case in my testing s-c still pops up a dialog
asking for login on startup instead of going into the "opt-out" state. This is not such a big deal I think
as AFAICT this condition can only be triggered when we have no token but a UUID (very unlikely in the real
world). The more relevant case of the user invalidating his/her token on works like a charm :)

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