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Francesco Banconi (frankban) wrote :

*** Submitted:

Make the GUI server redirect to the default icon.

Create a specialized proxy handler for handling
Juju HTTP API requests. In this subclass, handle
the case a request is for a local charm icon
that cannot be found on the Juju server.

Tests: `make unittest`.

- `juju bootstrap`;
- from the branch root, run `make deploy`;
- wait for the GUI service to be ready;
- switch to the trunk branch:
   `juju set juju-gui juju-gui-source=develop`
- wait for the GUI to be ready;
- deploy local charms including an icon:
   you should see the icons are correctly displayed in the
   service blocks and inspector header;
- deploy a local charm not including an icon:
   you should see the fallback icon displayed both in
   the service block and the inspector;
- destroy the environment, done.


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