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36cd05d... by Isaac Muse

Enhanced support for soupsieve

Add `sieve` method to allow access to all CSS query methods.
Add `css_escape` as a global method.

a65a97e... by Leonard Richardson

Parametrize the 'string is deprecated' warning test so we can test all of the relevant methods.

5d4b848... by Leonard Richardson

Check the associated filename for more warnings.

770030f... by Leonard Richardson

Change the tests that check warnings to also (indirectly) verify that the stacklevel associated with the warning is more or less correct.

159acad... by Leonard Richardson

Implemented the more complicated case of providing an appropriate stacklevel for the warning issued when the deprecated 'text' argument is passed in.

e66f91c... by Leonard Richardson

Got rid of some more warnings by removing code that's not relevant anymore, now that the minimum supported Python version is 3.6.

98756d3... by Leonard Richardson

Warnings now do their best to provide an appropriate stacklevel,
  improving the usefulness of the message. [bug=1978744]

12ad184... by Leonard Richardson

Tag.interesting_string_types is now propagated when a tag is
  copied. [bug=1990400]

37c36a2... by Leonard Richardson

Added missing Fish-Footman image from documentation.

5d0d6ab... by Leonard Richardson

Made the ISO-8859 test robust in a less hacky way.