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30c58a1... by Leonard Richardson

Corrected the syntax of the license definition in pyproject.toml. Patch
  by Louis Maddox. [bug=2032848]

418ab58... by Leonard Richardson

Fixed a case found by Mengyuhan where html.parser giving up on
  markup would result in an AssertionError instead of a
  ParserRejectedMarkup exception.

a9132eb... by Leonard Richardson

Remove a fuzz case that was caused by bad fuzzer code.

feb219f... by Leonard Richardson

Added more clusterfuzz cases and a copy of the new oss-fuzz code for parsing and running them.

31eb728... by Leonard Richardson

Fixed a regression such that if you set .hidden on a tag, the tag
  becomes invisible but its contents are still visible. User manipulation
  of .hidden is not a documented or supported feature, so don't do this,
  but it's not too difficult to keep the old behavior working.

c4a7d44... by Leonard Richardson

Backported a bug fix that knocks a full second off the test run time.

e3e5ce6... by Leonard Richardson

Update release instructions for 4.12.2.

67336dd... by Leonard Richardson

Fixed an unhandled exception in BeautifulSoup.decode_contents
  and methods that call it. [bug=2015545]

fb8179d... by Leonard Richardson

Prepare for 4.12.1 release.

43038bb... by Leonard Richardson

The script was still written in
  Python 2. I've converted it to Python 3, but since no one noticed this
  problem, it's a sign that no one uses this script and it's not
  serving its purpose. I may rework or remove it in a later version.