Code review comment for lp:~dukrat/mailman/star_accept_these_nonmembers_override

Mark Sapiro (msapiro) wrote :

I think I understand your use case, and I think you are correct that in this case, there is no way to accomplish the desired result with existing settings. I.e., if there is a member of list x who also happens to be a moderated member of list y, and that member should be allowed to post unmoderated to list y by virtue of being a member of list x, the admin of list y who is unaware of the membership of list x will not know to unmoderate the member on list y.

I note that you are at MIT, and I suspect that this could actually be a real case in a university environment. I.e. I run the radio club's list and the dean's 'special privileged people' should be able to post to my list unmoderated even though one of them is a moderated member of my list and I'm unaware that this is one of the dean's 'special privileged people'.

However, I see the need for this being so rare in practice that, university politics notwithstanding, it isn't worth the additional complexity and potential confusion that these extra settings would produce. Further, I see issues if both @deans_friends and <email address hidden> are in my list's accept_these_nonmembers with accept_these_nonmembers_override = Yes and at some later time <email address hidden> joins my list and then I want to moderate her for some reason and I am confused as to why moderating her is not effective because I've forgotten she's in accept_these_nonmembers with an override.

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