Code review comment for lp:~dpigott/lava-scheduler-tool/fix821400-add-token-file

Dave Pigott (dpigott) wrote :

> Apologies for not commenting earlier. I really thought I had :/
> This change means that the keyring backend will never be used! I don't think
> that's right. I've made some changes in
> /lava-scheduler-tool/fix821400-add-token-file (extracting fiddling around for
> a token to a function, and use the keyring backend if no token is otherwise
> supplied).

I think I've misunderstood something. Pulled that branch and it looks like what I checked in. Is that not what you meant?

> Perhaps a function that gets an AuthenticatingServerProxy given a
> server url and a token file name (or even an argparse options object) needs to
> be added to lava-tool...

That's kind of the direction I've been going in on the cancel-job addition and code consolidation.

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