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dbf110c... by Douglas Jordan

Adding UT coverage and checking if iterable type first

a0fffc2... by Douglas Jordan

Fixing LP#1754495

1e2e810... by do3meli

Make salt minion module work on FreeBSD.

Previously the module was not working under FreeBSD due to a different
package name and some different paths. The module now has OS specific
default values which can even be customized via corresponding cloud config

LP: #1721503

f9f7ffd... by =?utf-8?b?UsOpbXkgTMOpb25l?= <email address hidden>

Simplify some comparisions.

Just replace a couple things like:
   if b > a and b < c:

   if a < b < c:

ffc6917... by =?utf-8?b?UsOpbXkgTMOpb25l?= <email address hidden>

Change some list creation and population to literal.

This will provide a small performance improvement and shorter code.

40e7738... by Scott Moser

GCE: fix reading of user-data that is not base64 encoded.

Last set of changes to GCE datasource broke reading of user-data
unless the user had base64 encoded their user-data and also set
user-data-encoding to 'base64'.

This fixes the issue.

LP: #1752711

417a5c0... by Chad Smith

doc: fix chef install from apt packages example in RTD.

Apt key was mistyped in the example.

Should be

instead of


d67636f... by Romanos Skiadas <email address hidden>

Implement puppet 4 support

Make puppet installation more configurable by:
- Adding a package_name parameter
- Exposing the puppet configuration and puppet ssl directories as
  parameters. These default to the previous values if unset, but can be set
  to the new values puppetlabs requires for its puppet 4.x packages. This
  way puppet 4 configuration is now possible.

LP: #1446804

46cb671... by Scott Moser

subp: Fix subp usage with non-ascii characters when no system locale.

If python starts up without a locale set, then its default encoding
ends up set as ascii. That is not easily changed with the likes of
setlocale. In order to avoid UnicodeDecodeErrors cloud-init will
encode to bytes a python3 string or python2 basestring so that the
values passed to Popen are already bytes.

LP: #1751051

65f0b26... by Daniel Wallace

salt: configure grains in grains file rather than in minion config.

While salt grains can be configured in the minion config file, it is
usually better to configure it in the /etc/salt/grains file.
This allows that to be done.