Code review comment for lp:~dingqi-lxb/percona-server/5.5_log_queries_in_memory

林晓斌 (dingqi-lxb) wrote :

Thank you. Oleg, I have some items to discuss.

2. About innodb_trx_id. Please look to two following cases
   In these two cases, the variable thd->innodb_trx_id is set to 0. It seems that I have to show it in the result table as 0, is there other result even use innodb_was_used ?

8.About calculating query execution time directly, it is because that I have to get the query_time, the status is not enough.

* Why plugin doesn't uninstall in test?
  You mean that it shows " Plugin is busy and will be uninstalled on shutdown" in result-file? It is the same with the demo for audit plugin "null_audit", the strategy decided by mysqld

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