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fmpwizard (diego-fmpwizard) wrote :


I know that for the same plugin, the second time you specify an
option, that one will win. But I'm not sure if it makes a difference
if a "different plugin" tries to use the same option.

I can try that and let you know.


On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 1:44 AM, Kay Roepke <email address hidden> wrote:
>> Ready for merging.
> One thing I'd like to be sure of is the effect of multiple plugins registering the same short option name:
> For example, it is possible that a different plugin author tries to use "s" meaning script.
> Does the order of loading the plugins affect this, i.e. will the last one win (resulting in the prior plugins to not receive their option)?
> If that's the case we need to guard the combining of options with at least a warning (it shouldn't be an error, because the end-user cannot do anything about it).
> Until we know the answer, we shouldn't merge this in.
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