Merge lp:~danilo/intltool/bug-580526 into lp:intltool

Proposed by Данило Шеган
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Approved by: Данило Шеган
Approved revision: 725
Merged at revision: 724
Proposed branch: lp:~danilo/intltool/bug-580526
Merge into: lp:intltool
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~danilo/intltool/bug-580526
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Данило Шеган Approve
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Description of the change

= Bug 580526 =

Finally merge support for gschema.xml files (gettext/gsettings). Based on patch by Ryan "desrt" Lortie, but reworked to use the same parsing our XML file support is using.

A test is provided as well.

No special handling of whitespace (space-preserve is not supported, nor is whitespace trimmed in any way) or XML entity references (including character references), thus it may not do exactly what's desired.

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lp:~danilo/intltool/bug-580526 updated
726. By Данило Шеган

Add mention to the man page.


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