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3629. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-02-28

Refresh patches

3628. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-02-28

Implement support for glBlitFramebuffer. On some platforms this may speed up the final composite operation as we skip the fragment processor entirely.

The logic around this code is basically that if glBlitFramebuffer fails, then we don't use it again (the failure case is it not being available), and use the fallback textured draw code.

Tests added for the new module FramebufferDirectDraw.

(LP: #1040478) (LP: #1051287)

3627. By MC Return on 2013-02-27


Inverted the statements in the if conditions checking cache_size
to improve readability and to harmonize the code with showmouse.
Fixed minor coding style issues (added spaces).

Firepaint and Showmouse:

Added constants replacing magic numbers to improve readability.
Removed redundant newlines.

Approved by Brandon Schaefer, Sam Spilsbury.

3626. By Brandon Schaefer on 2013-02-27

Move CompScreenImpl::focusTopMostWindow() over to use the serverWindows list, as its more up-to-date. Now lowering a window will have an up-to-date stacking order.

(LP: #1034616). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1034616.

Approved by Sam Spilsbury.

3625. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-02-27

Reset nQuad to 0 for the WINDOW_DECORATION_TYPE_WINDOW case.

(LP: #1056409). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1056409.

Approved by Brandon Schaefer, PS Jenkins bot, MC Return.

3624. By Paul Donohue on 2013-02-26

Fixed addhelper failing to autostart.
Credits and thanks for this patch go to Paul Donohue.

(LP: #808909). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/808909.

Approved by Sam Spilsbury.

3623. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-02-26

Allow plugins to throttle delivery of ConfigureWindow requests within reason (LP: #1027211)

(LP: #1027211) seems to be caused by vsync in the nvidia driver and posting lots of ConfigureWindow requests to the server. The driver really chokes on these for some reason. As a result, two things were happening:

1. The driver slows down quite significantly
2. We get more time to post more ConfigureWindow requests to the driver, which just slows it down even more until it grinds to a halt.

This branch does three things:
1. Introduces infrastructure for plugins to hold a "lock" on delivering ConfigureWindow requests until they choose to release it later (eg, on paint, or on ungrab), while still allowing core to override the plugin's decisions in cases where we actually need to post a ConfigureWindow request to the server in order to continue (eg, some other request is dependent on it). That code was TDD'ed into existence and has test coverage.
2. Optimizes reconfigureXWindow to only configure the frame window if the only thing that happened was that we moved the window. This means that we only buffer up one ConfigureWindow instead of three per call to reconfigureXWindow
3. Implements ConfigureRequestBuffer in both opengl and move. The default implementation in "opengl" is the "safe" version and releases its lock every time the window paints. That means that dragging around opengl rendered windows goes from a complete halt to a steady 12fps. In the move plugin, I've revived "lazy positioning" - off by default as it might be more unsafe, but this prevents all ConfigureWindow requests from being posted until the window is ungrabbed. That goes brings us from 12fps to 60fps.

Approved by Brandon Schaefer.

3622. By PS Jenkins bot on 2013-02-26

Releasing 1:0.9.9~daily13.02.26-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot.

3621. By serveralex on 2013-02-26

Fixed infinite loop in InotifyScreen::processEvents ().
wIter needs to be increased here.
Credits and thanks for this patch go to serveralex !

(LP: #773564). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/773564.

Approved by Sam Spilsbury.

3620. By danilo on 2013-02-25

Fixed missing icons and text in CCSM main screen.
Credits for this fix go to danilo, thanks a lot !

(LP: #1130941). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1130941.

Approved by Sam Spilsbury.

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