Last commit made on 2019-08-21
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db24bbf... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-21

Dev channel update: 78.0.3887.7.

b3be1a5... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-13

Dev channel update: 78.0.3880.4.

82f0ee4... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-13

Query the correct capability regardless of the version of chromedriver in use.

d51e56e... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-12

Dev channel update: 78.0.3876.0.

0507905... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-07-03

Update chromedriver-snap-compatibility.patch to fix LP: #1834052.

070d135... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-12

Dev channel update: 77.0.3865.19.

e39f77c... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-07

Add StartupWMClass=chromium to desktop file (LP: #1750243).

972f9e1... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-08-01

Revert "Export TMPDIR=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to ensure appindicator icons are written somewhere the host system can access them (LP: #1821765)."

This reverts commit d63e52476c6e9b9a6e115d5c64d2216a415da56d.

It had introduced a nasty regression (LP: #1838508).

91135be... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-07-25

Dev channel update: 77.0.3860.5.

5ac41fe... by Olivier Tilloy on 2019-07-18

Dev channel update: 77.0.3854.3.