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545b0dd... by Chad Smith on 2017-10-20

ntp cloud-config provided can be as short as 'ntp:'

2f8ef4f... by Chad Smith on 2017-10-20

fix ntp integration test cloud-config yaml to provide valid schema and avoid schema warnings

cc4b541... by Chad Smith on 2017-10-20

add unit test which validates schema of any cloud config provided by integration tests

ee90a6c... by Joshua Powers on 2017-10-19

tools: disable fastestmirror if using proxy

Per centos documentation using the fastestmirror plugin is effective at
finding the fastest mirror, unless you are behind a proxy. In that case
you should disable it. Therefore, in our tests if we are setting the proxy
we should also disable the fastestmirror plugin.

41152f1... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-17

schema: Log debug instead of warning when jsonschema is not available.

When operating in expected path, cloud-init should avoid logging with
warning. That causes 'WARNING' messages in /var/log/cloud-init.log.
By default, warnings also go to the console.

Since jsonschema is a optional dependency, and not present on xenial
and zesty, cloud-init should not warn there.

Also here:
* Add a test to integration tests to assert that there are no
  warnings in /var/log/cloud-init.log.
* Update one integration test that did show warning and the related
  documentation and examples.

LP: #1724354

d4f7047... by Chad Smith on 2017-10-10

simpletable: Fix get_string method to return table-formatted string

Output in cloud-init-output.log contained only the string representation
of a SimpleTable object instead of the table formatted content. This bug
also affected ssh_authkey_fingerprints.

LP: #1722566

45d361c... by Chad Smith on 2017-10-05

net: Handle bridge stp values of 0 and convert to boolean type

Update unit tests to pass a 0 instead of 'off' to validate that network
state is properly written.

6eb4dc2... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-05

tools: Give specific --abbrev=8 to "git describe"

The tools that use "git describe" were just assuming a consisent
number of characters in the hash. It seems ubuntu 16.04 would use 7
and later versions use 8. To avoid that discrepency in developer
environments, set it to 8.

57e2e01... by Ryan Harper on 2017-10-03

network: bridge_stp value not always correct

Update network_state to store the bridge_stp value as a boolean.
The various renderers then can map the boolean value to the correct
output as needed; eni uses 'on/off', sysconfig uses 'yes/no' and
netplan will use the boolean directly.

Update unittest values for sysconfig and netplan. Both contained the
network_state string value which resulted in not correctly enable/disable
STP in the target system.

Update network_state comment (fd -> forward-delay, add stp as boolean) on
bridge commands to match the expected format of a netplan bridge command.

LP: #1721157

aa024e3... by Joshua Powers on 2017-10-03

tests: re-enable tox with nocloud-kvm support

With the addition of the nocloud-kvm support a few other python modules
were pulled in as required and as a result this broke the tox run. The
fix was to add paramiko and simplestreams to re-enable testing.