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9a6a0ca... by Chad Smith

need to check that the module actually defines distros before deciding to skip

1d890d0... by Chad Smith

condense multi-line params in unit test method calls

930181c... by Chad Smith

address raharper's review comments: -CONFIG_MODULE_SUPPORT_ALL_DISTROS -> ALL_DISTROS, drop empty conditional check worked_distros

95560e3... by Chad Smith

drop patchOS patchUtils from test_none_ds_forces_run_via_unverified_modules as it is done in setUp

b67b814... by Chad Smith

drop get_all_distro_names as we don't need this functionality anymore

237fa87... by Chad Smith

add unit tests for Modules.run_section with overrides, skips and distro awareness. Fix logic in run_section to actually skip and actually overide using unverified_modules

082edf3... by Chad Smith

Use distros.CONFIG_MODULE_SUPPORT_ALL_DISTROS in runcmd to advertise that runcmd is supported on every distro. Add distros.get_all_distro_names() which will list all discovered distros in cloudinit.distros package. cloudinit.stages uses get_all_distro_names when determining whether to skip a given module due to lack of distro support

ed8f1b1... by Chad Smith

schema and docs: Add jsonschema to resizefs and bootcmd modules

Add schema definitions to both cc_resizefs and cc_bootcmd modules. Extend
schema.py to parse and document enumerated json types. Schema definitions
are used to generate module documention and log warnings for schema

This branch also does the following:
  - drops vestigial 'resize_rootfs_tmp' option from cc_resizefs. That
    option only created the specified directory and didn't make use of
that directory for any resize operations.
  - Drop yaml.dumps calls from schema documentation generation to avoid
    yaml import costs on module load
  - Add __doc__ = get_schema_doc(schema) definitions it each module to
    supplement python help() calls for cc_runcmd, cc_bootcmd, cc_ntp and
  - Add a SCHEMA_EXAMPLES_SPACER_TEMPLATE string to docs for modules which
    contain more than one example

a4c1d57... by Joshua Powers

tools: Add xkvm script, wrapper around qemu-system

The xkvm script will be utilized by pending NoCloud qemu testing.
If this turns out to not be the case, then we will drop it.

a1dfdda... by Sankar Tanguturi

vmware customization: return network config format

For customizing the machines hosted on 'VMWare' hypervisor, the datasource
should return the 'network config' data in 'curtin' format.

This branch also fixes /etc/network/interfaces replacing the line
"source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*.cfg" which is incorrectly removed
when VMWare's Perl Customization Engine writes /etc/network/interfaces.

Modify the code to read the customization configuration and return the
converted data.

Added few tests.

LP: #1675063