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e74d775... by Chad Smith

tools: Add tooling for basic cloud-init performance analysis.

This branch adds cloudinit-analyze into cloud-init proper. It adds an
"analyze" subcommand to the cloud-init command line utility for quick
performance assessment of cloud-init stages and events.

On a cloud-init configured instance, running "cloud-init analyze blame"
will now report which cloud-init events cost the most wall time. This
allows for quick assessment of the most costly stages of cloud-init.

This functionality is pulled from Ryan Harper's analyze work.

The cloudinit-analyze main script itself has been refactored a bit for
inclusion as a subcommand of cloud-init CLI. There will be a followup
branch at some point which will optionally instrument detailed strace
profiling, but that approach needs a bit more discussion first.

This branch also adds:
 * additional debugging topic to the sphinx-generated docs describing
   cloud-init analyze, dump and show as well as cloud-init single usage.
 * Updates the Makefile unittests target to include cloudinit directory
   because we now have unittests within that package.

LP: #1709761

dc2bd79... by Ryan Harper

network: add v2 passthrough and fix parsing v2 config with bonds/bridge params

If the network-config sent to cloud-init is in version: 2 format then
when rendering netplan, we can pass the content through and avoid
consuming network_state elements. This removes the need for trying to
map many v2 features onto network state where other renderers won't be
able to use anyhow (for example match parameters for multi-interface
configuration and wifi configuration support).

Additionally ensure we retain bond/bridge v2 configuration in network
state so when rendering to eni or sysconfig we don't lose the configuration

- Drop the NotImplemented wifi exception, log a warning that it works for
  netplan only
- Adjust unittests to new code path and output
- Fix issue with v2 macaddress values getting dropped
- Add unittests for consuming/validating v2 configurations

LP: #1709180

385d1ca... by Ryan Harper

doc: update capabilities with features available, link doc reference, cli example

1f8183f... by Maitreyee Saikia

vcloud directory: Guest Customization support for passwords

This feature enables the following VMware VCloud Director functionality:
1. Setting admin password
2. Expire password.
3. Set admin password and expire.

Password configuration is triggered only as part of a full
recustomization, that happens either on first power on or when
"poweron and full recustomization" is selected. Full customization
flow is determined by marker files. Unique marker ids are
generated when full recustomization is requested. And marker file based
on these marker ids help to determine if we need to execute the above

d5f855d... by Chad Smith

ec2: Allow Ec2 to run in init-local using dhclient in a sandbox.

This branch is a prerequisite for IPv6 support in AWS by allowing Ec2
datasource to query the metadata source version 2016-09-02 about whether
or not it needs to configure IPv6 on interfaces. If version 2016-09-02
is not present, fallback to the min_metadata_version of 2009-04-04. The
DataSourceEc2Local not run on FreeBSD because dhclient in doesn't
support the -sf flag allowing us to run dhclient without filesystem

To query AWS' metadata address @, the instance must have
a dhcp-allocated address configured. Configuring IPv4 link-local
addresses result in timeouts from the metadata service. We introduced a
DataSourceEc2Local subclass which will perform a sandboxed dhclient
discovery which obtains an authorized IP address on eth0 and crawl
metadata about full instance network configuration.

Since ec2 IPv6 metadata is not sufficient in itself to tell us all the
ipv6 knownledge we need, it only be used as a boolean to tell us which
nics need IPv6. Cloud-init will then configure desired interfaces to
DHCPv6 versus DHCPv4.

Performance side note: Shifting the dhcp work into init-local for Ec2
actually gets us 1 second faster deployments by skipping init-network
phase of alternate datasource checks because Ec2Local is configured in
an ealier boot stage. In 3 test runs prior to this change: cloud-init
runs were 5.5 seconds, with the change we now average 4.6 seconds.

This efficiency could be even further improved if we avoiding dhcp
discovery in order to talk to the metadata service from an AWS
authorized dhcp address if there were some way to advertize the dhcp
configuration via DMI/SMBIOS or system environment variables.

Inspecting time costs of the dhclient setup/teardown in 3 live runs the
time cost for the dhcp setup round trip on AWS is:
test 1: 76 milliseconds
         dhcp discovery + metadata: 0.347 seconds
         metadata alone: 0.271 seconds
test 2: 88 milliseconds
         dhcp discovery + metadata: 0.388 seconds
         metadata alone: 0.300 seconds
test 3: 75 milliseconds
         dhcp discovery + metadata: 0.366 seconds
         metadata alone: 0.291 seconds

LP: #1709772

5bba5db... by Ryan Harper

cc_ntp: fallback on timesyncd configuration if ntp is not installable

Some systems like Ubuntu-Core do not provide an ntp package for
installation but do include systemd-timesyncd (an ntp client).
On such systems cloud-init will generate a timesyncd configuration
using the 'servers' and 'pools' values as ntp hosts for timesyncd to use.

LP: #1686485

9d923c1... by Scott Moser

net: Reduce duplicate code. Have get_interfaces_by_mac use get_interfaces.

get_interfaces_by_mac and get_interfaces just looked much alike.
This makes get_interfaces_by_mac call get_interfaces.

9d0fdf1... by Joshua Powers

tests: Fix build tree integration tests

The build deb command was no longer working becasue it had
assumed that you were in the root of the cloud-init directory.
This changes where the deb is built and changes how the
dependencies are determined as well as uses the built-in tools
for determining build dependencies.

5610356... by Ryan Harper

sysconfig: Dont repeat header when rendering resolv.conf

The sysconfig renderer duplicates the cloud-init header string
when rendering resolv.conf file. This leads to resolv.conf file
growing with every reboot of a system. Fix this by checking for
the header when loading content from existing file.

Update one of the sysconfig unittests with multiple render calls
to simulate the reboot to check that we don't repeat the header.

LP: #1701420

512145c... by Scott Moser

archlinux: Fix bug with empty dns, do not render 'lo' devices.

If no dns nameservers were provided a stack trace would occur.
The changes here add some unit tests for the arch distro.

Also avoids rendering an 'lo' interface.

LP: #1663045
LP: #1706593